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Incepand cu data de 25 mai 2015, magazinul nostru nu se va mai aproviziona cu carti noi. Mai puteti comanda cartile de pe site pana la epuizarea stocului, sau insemne ortodoxe autoadezive in cantitate nelimitata. Va multumim pentru intelegere!

The Holy Putna Monastery

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The Holy Putna Monastery

Rezumat: The Center for Research and Documentation „Ştefan cel Mare” of the Holy Putna Monastery together with the publishing house „Mitropolit Iacov Putneanul” presents the booklet „Holy Putna Monastery” – a key to open the box of mysteries of one of the most important romanian monasteries.
Editura Man. Putna
Nr. Pagini 32
Limba Engleză
Dimensiuni (mm) 160x225x4
Tip Coperta Flexibila
Greutate (kg) 0.0900
9,90 RON
Produs epuizat
la furnizor.
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Descriere Detaliată

The booklet offers trustful information about the Jerusalem of the Romanian people and about the sacred treasure which lies there – Saint Stephen. It was printed in 2011 and it contains historical data made accessible for readers, as well as photographs of best quality representing the interiors of the monastery, but also relics kept at the museum and in Treasury Tower. In the booklet you’ll not only read, but also see the well-known tomb cover of Lady Mary of Mangop – the only known piece which gathers together all the coat of arms of the last Byzantine emperors. This is not all. You’ll also find out what was the role of the monastery in south-eastern European medieval art, which saints live at the monastery, who anointed Stephen the Great as Prince and who edited The Four Gospel Book, which is more than 500 years old. Read the booklet “The Holy Putna Monastery”, see the history of Romania through the eyes of monks who lived at Putna, love Orthodoxy!


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